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Aeromexico Hola Mexico songs Bowery Brothers

A new corporate song idea for Aeromexico. Reformatting the “hit song” Hola Mexico for use by Aeromexico in their upcoming ad campaigns.

Hola Mexico

Hola Mexico Party song by the Bowery Brothers

Every year I can’t wait to leave the cold and rain and put my toes in the sand and get a drink in my hand. Hola Mexico.

Let It Rain

let it rain song by the Bowery Brothers

The loneliness and sadness that appears out of nowhere is unlike anything we experience anywhere else in our lives.

Here’s to those who’s hearts have been broken in this manner.


Surrender song about sex. The Bowery Brothers

Sex. It’s the grease for the wheels of life. This is just one sexual way to consider how to grease those wheels.

Once in a while

once in a while Bowery Brothers song

The real mystery is how the tentacles of a love that’s ended can stay with us, re-awaken in us from time to time. Not always their, but certainly, once in a while.

Better or Worse

domestic abuse song for better or worse by the Bowery Brothers

It amazed us as to the pull and strength that a relationship, even a broken one has over people. To all those locked into a struggle that they can not pull themselves from. This is for them.