Once in a while

once in a while Bowery Brothers song

Once in A While

Love is a hard thing for me. Maybe it’s a hard thing for everyone. I don’t always know.

The real mystery is how the tentacles of a love that’s ended can stay with us, re-awaken in us from time to time. Not always their, but certainly, once in a while.

MIck Dalla Vee – Song


Once in a while, I think of you.

Once in a while, I hope you do too.

Been a long winter, been a long spring.

Been a long time since I thought of these things.

Tried to leave it all behind, but I can get you out of my mind.

Once in a while, I remember the nights.

Once in a while, I even remember those fights.

Do my best, keep my head down.

Do what I can to keep my feet on the ground.

Tried to leave it all behind, but I can get you out of my mind.

Once in a while, I can get you out of my head.

Once in a while, rather be anyone else instead.

Once in a while, I remember everything we ever said.

Once in a while. I’d rather be lying in your bed.

Once in a while.

Once in a while, I forget the past.

Once in a while, but that’s a though that don’t last.

I could write you a love letter, drive you out of your mind.

But I couldn’t find the words, ‘cuz love is blind.

Try to leave it all behind.

Take one step at a time.

Let it all unwind.

Once in a while.

But I can get you out of my mind.

Mick Dalla-Vee/John Graham 2022

John Graham

John Graham

John Graham writes all lyrics and writes the basics of the songs musical structure using his extensive knowledge of his favorite (and only known) 7 magic chords.

Mick Dalla-Vee

MIck Dalla Vee
All Music

Mick Dalla Vee writes all of the music, plays all of the instruments (unless otherwise indicated) records and arranges everything. Mick knows and uses way more than the 7 magic chords.

Paul Kype Bowery Brothers

Paul Kype
Guitar Solo

Paul Kype is a veteran of the Canadian music scene. His current project is his amazing Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute, Texas Flood.

Paul knows many, many guitar chords.

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba is Mr. Ears. Craig has an amazing, some might say, uncanny ability to find the sould of a song in the mix. It is also rumoured that Craig knows as many chords as any of us combined.