The Bowery Brothers

Welcome to the Bowery Brothers latest album release, YO DAWG!

The Bowery Brothers are Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham.

Welcome to our latest release “Yo Dawg!” featuring the hit single Hola Mexico.

The 12 songs here reflect our most recent 2023 studio sessions. Feel free to listen, download and share.

Each song is registered with SOCAN and The Bowery Brothers retain all publishing rights.

Listen to the new album- Yo Dawg!

Sit down with your favorite bevvie or while you work and listen to the newest 2023 album release from Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham, the Bowery Brothers.

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Every year I go to a little beach town on the southern edge of the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Every year, I can’t wait to leave the cold and rain and put my toes in the sand and get a drink in my hand. Hola Mexico.

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Hopefully, all of us, every last one of us, have had the rush of a first love.

It’s place in our lives and hearts is undeniable. It’s power is unequaled. It’s always a spark that lights the flame.

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We Come From Small Towns

The American small town is the heart and soul of almost all Americans.

As recent as the early 20th century 80% of all American’s lived on farms and in small towns in every corner of the country.

In the past few years, it seems to me that we are all too ready to dismiss our own roots, our small town values. This song is an upbeat ode to our own small town roots.

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A Million Little Pieces

It’s happening everywhere you look.

In every school, small town, big city, every workplace. It crosses all socio-economic classes. It affects the young, the old, black, white and all colors and classes in between.

Personally, I have watched many of my closest friends try to raise kids who can’t get their feet underneath themselves. Drugs, mental health and more, have had them fall into cracks and crevices where they just can’t return from.

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Slow It Down

Love. It comes in many speeds, fast love, slow love, quick love, love that’s over in a minute and a love that lasts forever.

This is a love song for someone that I care for and is someone whose love is best when it’s taken slow. For YJD.

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Bad Seed

Some people are just born a bad seed.

Raised right, raised wrong, it doesn’t seem to matter.

A Bad Seed, unable to take root, to grow, to flourish. Instead they just blow around.

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My Name is Trouble

In the darkest reaches our heart resides that bad-ass we all fear and worship.

Be it Billy the KidJohn DillingerAl Capone or the modern day mavens of mayhem. We all have a secret fascination for trouble.

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Brother Down

I believe in the power of friendship. As a lyricist I have always found great company and inspiration from my many friends. I like to write about the vignettes of their lives.

In my group of friends there are a few key brothers who have been my lifelong friends, my running buddies, my confidantes.

One of the best was my friend Brian Whitmore. He passed too soon and left me with too many unspoken conversations. I am still angry. I will always miss him. Fuck Cancer.

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Once in a While

Love is a hard thing for me. Maybe it’s a hard thing for everyone. I don’t really know.

The real mystery is how the tentacles of a love that’s ended can stay with us and re-awaken in us from time to time. They are not always there, but certainly, once in a while, they are.

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For Better or Worse

This song was written in response to a situation that a friend of ours had.

She was in an abusive relationship and was finding it near impossible to leave. She finally did.

To all those locked into an abusive struggle that they can not pull themselves from. This is for them.

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Let It Rain

It seems to me at this point in our lives, a day or a week does not go by without us losing someone.

An acquaintance, a friend a loved one.

The loneliness and sadness that appears out of nowhere is unlike anything we will experience anywhere or at any time in our lives.

Here’s to those who’s hearts have been broken.

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This WAs Me, This WAs You

A look back on our first real love.

Sometimes, those first loves never quite get out of our head or out from under our skin. We find ourselves driving past our old haunts and remembering those old wants.

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Check out the advance listening opportunities on our late Summer 2023 release, “Force of Nature”. See the first 4 songs listed below the video!


coming soon!

The Bowery Brothers are currently working on their next album release, tentatively called “Force of Nature”.

Here are the first tastes of Force of Nature. Coming late in the summer of 2023.

Hit the Beach

In the winter, oh hell, at anytime of year, the beach is the place to go. Get drunk, fall down, rinse and repeat. Hit the beach!

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Blue Collar Broke

The disappearance of the American middle-class is undeniable. What was once the heart of the American economy, the heart of the community and the heart of our lives is now, nearly no more.

To read more on America’s shrinking middle-class read this. 

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Sex. It’s the grease for the wheels of life.

This is just one way sexual way to consider how to grease those wheels.

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Dear Susan

Some relationships are just toxic, a trip down the rabbit-hole to nowhere.

Sometimes getting out of those relationships is as much hard work as it was to get into them. Here’s to “saying goodbye”.

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the bowery brothers sell-out!

The Bowery Brothers do corporate jingles and theme songs for some of the best known corporations in the country. Here is a sampling of the corporate work we do.

Hola  AeroMexico

We did a corporate version of Hola Mexico for Aeromexico as a song for consideration in the upcoming international ad campaign.

Hola Westjet

We did a corporate version of Hola Mexico for Westjet Holidays as a song for consideration in the upcoming Canadian ad campaign.

The interview that rocked the music world!

The Bowery Brothers, twins separated at birth, reunited later in life, now hit-making songwriters. Watch the in-depth interview from one of Canada’s leading music journalists, John Shields.