Better or Worse

domestic abuse song for better or worse by the Bowery Brothers

Better or Worse

We wrote this song in response to a situation that a friend of ours had. She was in an abusive relationship and was finding it near impossible to leave.

It amazed us as to the pull and strength that a relationship, even a broken one has over people. To all those locked into a struggle that they can not pull themselves from. This is for them.

How to get out from an abusive relationship-read more.


First he hit you, then you fell to the floor.

Grabbed the kids and ran to the door, don’t want to be his girl no more.

Bundled up the kids good and tight.

Headed out into the night.

You find yourself believing. You should not be leaving.

With every wish there comes a curse. For better or worse.

Told you stories when he was a kid. All the shit his daddy did.

Momma left home when he was 10. Never, ever see her again.

Now he’s a man with kids of his own and he’s doing exactly what his daddy shown him.

For better or worse. With every wish there comes a curse.

Take the smooth with the rough, but did it need to be this tough.

Phone’s ringing, it’s him on the line. Says it’ll be the last time.

A few months later your lying in bed, listening to the lies that he said.

You got a new scar, you got a new bruise. You got nowhere to run, you got nothing to lose.

So you pull out the gun from beneath the bed, you put the cold barrel next to his head.

Mick Dalla-Vee/John Graham 2022

John Graham

John Graham

John Graham writes all lyrics and writes the basics of the songs musical structure using his extensive knowledge of his favorite (and only known) 7 magic chords.

Mick Dalla-Vee

MIck Dalla Vee
All Music

Mick Dalla Vee writes all of the music, plays all of the instruments (unless otherwise indicated) records and arranges everything. Mick knows and uses way more than the 7 magic chords.

Paul Kype Bowery Brothers

Paul Kype
Guitar Solo

Paul Kype is a veteran of the Canadian music scene. His current project is his amazing Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute, Texas Flood.

Paul knows many, many guitar chords.

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba is Mr. Ears. Craig has an amazing, some might say, uncanny ability to find the sould of a song in the mix. It is also rumoured that Craig knows as many chords as any of us combined.