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Hola Mexico

Mexico. Get away from the rain, snow and cold of the American winter. A tequila a senorita and a few weeks in the sun. Hola Mexico

Slow it Down

Slow it Down, written for a muse, YJD. It’s a song about love, learning how to take it slow, finding the spots that create the connection. Not giving up and never letting go.

Million Little Pieces

Our country and our kids are awash in the most poisonous of pandemics. The Opioid crisis. I don’t have any answers but I do have questions. Hold your kids good and tight.

This Was Me This Was You

A look back at life and love for the first time. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes the first love was the real one. We don’t always make the right choices. Such is life. 

My Name Is Trouble

There is some genuine evil in this world. Sometimes there is a Mad Dog that you can’t do anything except put him down.

Bad Seed

Some people, mostly men, are just born to be a bad seed. A seed that blows around, never takes root and ends up finally growing into something ugly and dangerous. 


Love. The first love is never, ever replicated, duplicated but is often contemplated. Here’s to all of our first loves.

Let It Rain

Loss of a lover, loss of parent, child or friend. No real words other than to let it rain. 


Sex. It’s the grease for the wheels of life. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and stripes.

Hit The Beach

Hit The Beach – Bowery Brothers. The Bowery Brothers are Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham. A calypso, reggae beat and sun-washed lyrics make this the ultimate fun beach party song.

For Better or Worse

Domestic abuse crosses all socio and economic boundaries. It is crushing, hateful and all to often, deadly. 

Once In A While

Love, especially those loves that are really deeply meaningful to us never seem to disappear. They just visit us like ghosts, once in a while.

Brother Down

I lost one of my best friends too soon, too young. This song is for you Brian Whitmore.

We Come From Small Towns

In 1920, 80% of all Americans lived in rural America. Small towns are home to many of the rib rock values we hold so dear. This song is an ode to the valuable place small towns hold for all of us.

Blue Collar Broke

America’s middle-class, once thriving and described as upwardly mobile is now somehow stuck. This song is a tribute to those couples who stayed together, fought hard for each other, for their loved ones and family and loved till the end. 

Dear Susan

Sometimes we fall in love and lead with the heart so much that we overlook the true reality of what we are doing and who the other person is. We get down that rabbit hole and there is very little room to turn around. 


Aeromexico is a concept video for the Mexican airline Aeromexico. It is a purpose-built written song that takes the hit single Hola Mexico and transforms it into a creative visual ad campaign for Aeromexico.

Westjet to Mexico

Westjet to Mexico is a concept video for the Canadian airline Westjet. It is a purpose-built written song that takes the hit single Hola Mexico and transforms it into a creative visual ad campaign for Westjet Holidays.