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The Bowery Brothers are looking for SINGERS!

Are you a singer,  a hidden, talented, yet-to-be discovered singer?                 Or, are you already a professional vocalist who thinks that they can beat the competition, winning a small holiday in Victoria BC where you will record in a professional studio with award-winning producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist , Mick Dalla-Vee

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Check out this weeks featured tune!

Hey kids! Listen to the “happening sounds” of America’s oldest teen sensations, The Bowery Brothers. 

This weeks Top 10 smash is the #1 party tune from south of the border, Hola Mexico!

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Featured Video – Yo Dawg- The Whole Album

The Bowery Brothers are Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham.

The Bowery Brothers are experienced songwriters that create song for publishing, sync and artist placement. They are also having fun creating amazing new songs!

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Join us on the “In Our Dreams Tour” as we continue on our opening dates with music legend, Bob Dylan.

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Bowery Brothers songwriters and music publishing Mick Dalla Vee and John Graham


The Bowery Brothers provide complete and finished songs, song doctoring, demos, arrangements, corporate songs and publishing.

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The New Music Media Interview of the Bowery Brothers.

The Truth Revealed!

Watch the revealing interview from New Music Media as they uncover the story behind the Bowery Brothers.

Watch the story unfold of how Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham found out they were twins separated at birth.

How they reunited through DNA testing and reconnected their musical passions.

Now, they have released their brand new album, YO DAWG.  Read More

the John Shield’s Interview

John Shields, one of Canada’s preeminent FM radio Musical Directors and music maverick recently retired from 100.3 The Q and The Zone, 91.3 FM, scores a Canadian first with the premier long form interview with the Bowery Brothers. 

Watch the revealing video interview where Mick and John reveal the amazing story of their discovery of they are actually twin boys, separated at birth. 

Latest News and Releases

Read more about the exploits of the Bowery Brothers, their new releases, tidbits of wisdom and their victory’s and defeats. 

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