We are looking for an amazing new singer!

Are you “That” person?

The Bowery Brothers 

We are holding an international search for a new lead vocalist. The contest is simple and open to both male and female vocalists. Watch the short video below for all the details!

bowery brothers song contest free to enter win a recording deal

Could be your best chance for your voice to be heard by top music industry execs!

The Bowery Brothers are songwriters first and foremost. They write, produce and present songs to some of the world’s foremost publishers and artists. We also write for film and TV, aka Sync.

We are looking for a new vocalist for our next project! Could this be you?

here is how the contest works!

It’s so simple, so easy and you can invite your singer friends to enter as well!

Here’s how it works!

Choose from any or all of The Bowery Brothers songs listed below. What do you want sing.

We will send you a version of that song, complete with lyrics, all the music and all background vocals but no lead vocal.

You then simply record a video with you singing along to the Bowery Brothers song of your choice and submit it to us.

Think video Karaoke!

The contest runs from May 1st to June 30, 2023 with the winner being announced July 7th 2023.

the winner, wins big!

Firstly, you win a 3 day holiday to Victoria, BC Canada.  There, you will stay in a penthouse apartment overlooking Victoria’s waterfront.

There’s more…!

Next, you will spend 2 days in Lakehouse Studios working with Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham (aka The Bowery Brothers) to record your vocal on 3 songs. 

The first song will be the professional recording of your winning entry.

The second song, will be a brand new, yet to be released song by The Bowery Brothers,  You will be the singer on it!

The 3rd song (if you can write lyrics or music) we will record a basic demo of your songs music or lyrics using  the Bowery Brothers song writing expertise and our Lakehouse Studio!

Once recorded, these songs, featuring you vocals, will be released through the Bowery Brothers marketing machine where the song will reach over 40,000 music industry execs world-wide plus be featured on all of our sites and social media platforms!!!

sign me up!

Fill in the form below, choose from 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of the songs listed below the form and we will send you the files and contest instructions. There is absolutely no charge for any of this!

    Choose 1, 2, 3 or all 4 of the songs listed below!