Dear Susan

Dear Susan. Bowery Brothers songs. Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham

Dear Susan

Love, it can be amazing and it can be tragic as well. Sometimes within the same relationship. Breaking up is never easy, especially when you’ve gone down the rabbit hole. 


Dear Susan,

I am sorry for the letter,

I could have said it better

Had we been face to face

When you read this in the morning,

I’ll be gone from Arizona

Couldn’t turn around if I wanted and I don’t.

And I won’t

I am leaving, I am gone.

I am headed home to Seattle,

where the rain I will do battle

Headed home to my kids and my wife,

Make some sense of this shattered life.

I am leaving, I am gone.

I should have listened to my friends

Should have listened to my folk

Should have listened to my own heart

When my own heart spoke

I followed you down the rabbit hole

I was a madman in love with you don’t you know.

I made big mistakes

I made hearts break.

Please don’t call me

I have blocked your phone

Please don’t look me up

I want to be left alone

You know what they say

You reap what you sow.

I’m sorry Susan, I gotta go.

I wouldn’t blame if you hate.

And be grateful if you prayed for me.

But please, please don’t wait for me.

I am leaving,

I am gone.

Mick Dalla-Vee/John Graham 2023

John Graham

John Graham

John Graham writes all lyrics and writes the basics of the songs musical structure using his extensive knowledge of his favorite (and only known) 7 magic chords.

Mick Dalla-Vee

MIck Dalla Vee
All Music

Mick Dalla Vee writes all of the music, plays all of the instruments (unless otherwise indicated) records and arranges everything. Mick knows and uses way more than the 7 magic chords.

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba is Mr. Ears. Craig has an amazing, some might say, uncanny ability to find the sould of a song in the mix. It is also rumoured that Craig knows as many chords as any of us combined.