Bad Seed

Bad Seed. Bowery Brothers. John Graham and Mick Dalla-Vee

Bad Seed

It’s fascinating that there is sometimes and thankfully not often, truly evil and disturbed people in this world The story of Henry Lee Lucas is a fascinating one. This song is very loose adaptation of his troubled life.


Born in May of ’67

Shot his first man robbing a 7-11.

Judge said “we don’t need your type”

Henry said “Judge, you’re probably right.”

Henry Lee, you’re a very bad seed, a very bad seed,


Out out in 10.

Killed a man cuz he like it.

Put the barrel in his mouth,

Told the man to bite.

Pulled the trigger and

Blew off his head

shot him again

make sure he was dead.

Took the Sheriff on a mad dog ramble

A meth-fueled scramble

Through the arroyo and the bramble.

Deputies caught him cuffed him and jailed him

If they had a cross, they would have nailed him.

Judge and Jury listened to his tale of woe.

Shook their heads as if to say “I don’t think so”.

Went out for 15 minutes a smoke and a Coke.

Came back inside, the foreman spoke.

He said ” Henry Lee, you’re a very bad seed, a very bad seed,


10 years up on the row

til’ one day the jailer said

“Henry, let’s go”

“Anything to say before you die?”

Shook his head, said “I see no reasons why”.

They put the needle into his vein

Shut down his heart, his breath, his brain.

Buried him up in Paupers field

Along with all the other bad seeds.

Henry Lee, you’re a very bad seed a very bad seed,


Mick Dalla-Vee/John Graham 2023