Hit The Beach

Party song Hit the beach The Bowery Brothers

Hit The Beach

For me there is something very therapeutic about being on the beach. Not sure, the negative ozones, sound of the waves, sand beneath your feet or the warm breezed. Whatever it is, it certainly works for me.


Clock stops ticking when this plane lands.

There’s a beach with our name written in the sand.

Flip flops and a droptop and a 2-lane highway.  .

Heading down south, running away.

Hola Mexico, Adios amigos I’m running away.

Hola Mexico, Adios El Norte, to another day.

Chillin’ on this beach, palm trees above.

Cerveza’s in reach and a girl I love.

No need to hurry go time for love.

No need to worry sun’s shining above.

Not’ thinking about, my boss, my work, the neighbor who’s a jerk.

The ex, her checks, the dogshit on the deck.

The bills, the lawyers, the phone call ringing annoyers.

The pain, the rain, the pressure on my brain.

Sunset, days end. Coming home soon.

Just one more night under this Mexican moon.

So raise a glass and make a toast, coming back next year to this Mexican coast.

Mick Dalla-Vee/John Graham 2022

John Graham

John Graham

John Graham writes all lyrics and writes the basics of the songs musical structure using his extensive knowledge of his favorite (and only known) 7 magic chords.

Mick Dalla-Vee

MIck Dalla Vee
All Music

Mick Dalla Vee writes all of the music, plays all of the instruments (unless otherwise indicated) records and arranges everything. Mick knows and uses way more than the 7 magic chords.

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba

Craig Zurba is Mr. Ears. Craig has an amazing, some might say, uncanny ability to find the sould of a song in the mix. It is also rumoured that Craig knows as many chords as any of us combined.