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Is the Bowery Brothers story true
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Welcome to the Bowery Brothers

Thanks to our loved ones and all of our many musical friends and family!

This is the Bowery Brothers.  We have been keeping our project “The Bowery Brothers” under the radar for the last year and now we are offering a 7 day sneak preview to our closest friends and family.

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We need you on our facebook page- Click to see!

Todays Preview Video- Hola Mexico!

Want to know the origin story of the Bowery Brothers?

Twins separated at birth, reunited later in life? Raised by Baptist snake handlers? Can this story be believed? Watch the Origin Story Video- Click here. 

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Welcome to the world of the Bowery Brothers.

Mick Dalla-Vee and John Graham are the Bowery brothers. This writing and recording project of ours is the musical group called Bowery Brothers and it could not have been made possible without the help and support of others. These are people we love, trust, and whose support and input we both rely on and are extremely thankful for. They are as follows;

Kelly Gillow Munro,  Mick Dalla-Vee’s beautiful, charming and unbelievably supportive wife. Steeped tea with cream, fruit muffin? Without her, none of this would be possible.

We would also like to thank a number of key people for their contribution and musicality in this project. First and foremost we’d like to thank Craig Zurba for his mastering. His ears found the tune.

Paul Kype for his stunning guitar work on a couple of tracks, Don Peterson for his writing and incredible solo on Bad Seed.

Victor Zupanc whose fingerprints are all over this project. Vicki has been my mentor and musical misfit partner since grade 9. Thanks Vicki.

Chris Jacklin for his Basso profundo on My Name is Trouble.

We’d also like to thank Ryan Landa for his amazing work in the insane asylum. Without you, we’d be lonely.

John Shields, Canadian music and radio icon whose insightful interview with the Bowery Brothers revealed many truths, more or less.

Alex Forman for her yet to be released masterpiece on the Bowery Brothers.

We’d also like to think a handful of people who we had listened to our music along the way providing feedback guidance criticism and hope.

Mike Price, for convincing us to reduce from 16 to 12 the number of songs, much better. Guy Scott for buying into the Bowery Brothers concept, Mark Addams from the Q , Perry Logan, Kathleen Crawford, Louise Tisserand Porter, Rachael Tupman, Dennis Tupman, Wendy Radisic, Mark Dalla-Vicenza, Tim Duffin, Andy Hansen,  Brenda Beck, Derek Gale, Claudia Malacrida  , Craig Brooks all for giving feedback. Much appreciated.


Mick and John