How the Bowery Brothers Write a Song

How the Bowery Brothers Write a Song

It starts like this…

Usually I (John) will write the lyrics. “I have this terrible problem” Graham states. “When I go to sleep it is the most likely time that I will write the lyrics. The head clears and then I tend to think in phrases and rhymes”.

“Then I get up and look for a notepad and paper, scribble words and phrases.

Lately I have been leaving them open and on the counter”. He continues.

Love like a Hurricane Bowery Brothers

There is always a story

Graham goes on to say ” I love a story and think of songs as mini-movies. Some stories are true, some are fiction”.

The song “Love Like a Hurricane is about the struggles of young love. set to an analogous story”. Love, storms, hurricanes, debris fields.

“Once  I write the words I write a very basic song structure. I am not a strong musician so it’s usually pretty straight forward”. Graham says. 

Then I record a simple video and upload to YouTube

“I record a video on my phone and upload it to YouTube. That way I can send a link to Mick” Graham says.

“Mick is the musical genius. He plays almost everything on all song, takes the most basic arrangement and turns it into something unique”.

Once Mick Dalla-Vee gets the files he enters them into Pro Tools. Then the 2 get together at a future date to start to put the basic parts of the song together.

In the case of this song, I wrote it Nov 4th 2022. We will probably start on it in 10 days or so. Typically a song from start to final product may take 3 weeks.

Graham goes on to say ” I write 3 or 4 songs a week, I will often write lyrics while trying to get to sleep (LOL) and then the next day or so put on a History Documentary and write the basic song/chords and outline”. 


Love like a Hurricane Bowery Brothers 1

And that is how a Bowery Brothers song starts….check back in at a later date for the next part of this song’s progress….